Ordering Uniforms (PreAcademy, Jr Academy, Select & Classic)

****Updated 6/29/15****

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ORDER A UNIFORM FOR THE 2015-2016 SEASON UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A NEW EMAIL FROM SOCCER.COM....THOSE EMAILS SHOULD START ARRIVING IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS.  Please do not attempt to purchase your uniform until you receive your personalized email or until your team appears in the drop down menu on the Soccer.com site using the link below.  If you see your player's team listed on Soccer.com but you have not received your email, be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders.

Training Tees:  Additional training tees will be purchased thru Soccer.com this year.  Every player received a training tee at tryouts.  Ordering additional training tees is OPTIONAL.  You can use any of your red GUSA tees for training.  If you do want to order addtional tees, they must be ordered thru Soccer.com - they are our only source for training tees and spirit wear this year.

GOALIE JERSEYS:  This year there are 3 options for Goal Keeper jerseys.  You will have 1 Long Sleeve Bright Green and 2 Short Sleeve color choices (Yellow or Red).

ALL U11 - U18 Full-time Goalies are encouraged to purchase at least one Goalie Jersey in either Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve.  You can purchase any of the colors.  Full-time Goalies do NOT have to purchase the blue & white jerseys unless they just want one.  For sizing purposes, the Short Sleeved Goalie Jerseys are the same as the White/Regista regular jersey.


Ordering Select Uniforms:

All players should receive an email directly from Soccer.com with their individual, personalized link to their uniform.

Only players that did not play for GUSA in the 2014-2015 seasonal year OR those that needed to be assigned NEW jersey number are required to purchase a new uniform kit for the 2015-2016 season.

This uniform kit is the second year of a 2 Year uniform kit cycle.

If you have lost this email, you can request it be resent to you by contacting Wendy@GreensboroUnited.org or you can use the link below to order your uniform.

If you are NEW to a GUSA team, please do NOT order using the link below until your personalized uniform ordering page has been added to the system.

Warm-up jackets, pants, soccer bags and other spiritwear items can be purchased using your personalized link or the Club link below.

If anyone is not ordering their uniform due to financial reasons, please direct them to contact Tim Nash in the GUSA office:  tim@greensborounited.org 

The following information does NOT  apply to recreation players or Hybrid Academy players.

Please remember the following:

  •       GUSA Jerseys are UNISEX.  There are two different styles – Squadra (Navy) & Regista (White)– you need one of each.  One is more expensive due to our agreement with Adidas.  We chose to have the second jersey at a lower price point to keep your overall costs to a minimum.
  •      FEMALE PLAYERS can choose the Women’s style for SHORTS and the TRAINING JACKET & PANTS ONLY.  There will be two options for those 3 items on all female players ordering page.  If you need YOUTH sizes, you must order under the Male/Unisex item #.  If you need the Women's sizing, order under the Women's item #.
  •      All YOUTH SIZES are under the UNISEX/Male option for all items. 

The complete Uniform Kit consists of the following:

  • 1 White Jersey
  • 1 Navy Jersey
  • 1 Red Shorts
  • 1 Navy Shorts
  • 1 White Socks
  • 1 Navy Socks


     How to order through the Club Page:

      Click the following link…


Find your team in the drop-down menu on the left side of the page.  Click on your team name.  (Jr Academy players are grouped alphabetically by age group and last name).

·         Click on your player name (menu on the left changes to players on that team’s roster).

·         This takes you to same landing page as your Soccer.com email.  The page will show both required and optional items.  To just see what is required, click the "required" link on the left side of that page.

 If easier, you can call in your order to 877-308-7989.  Be sure to identify yourself as part of Greensboro United Soccer Association.

Parents need to follow the instructions carefully if calling their order in to ensure they get the right uniform and jersey numbers.

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