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Greensboro United Select Tryouts

Select tryouts are for any player U11 through U18 wishing to play for a Challenge or Classic team.

Players wanting to join the U8-U10 Junior Academy or PreAcademy should come to the Academy Evaluations. 

***We prefer you to register for tryouts at least 3 days before your first tryout date. You can still register at ANY TIME but to ensure you are on the Coach's Evaluation Form during the tryout process, registering at least 3 hours before your first tryout is best!***

If you are a CURRENT GUSA Player -

Please use the SAME ACCOUNT you used last year.  Please DO NOT set  up a new account with us!

What do you need for Tryouts?

  • Any player wishing to try out in an older age group must have prior permission from the appropriate DOC.
  • Players who are grade appropriate can play up without this permission.  Please register your player in their TRUE age group and then email - - so she can move your player to their grade appropriate age group.  This will ensure they are placed on the correct Coach's Evaluation Sheet during the tryout sessions. 
  • Tryout sessions are two nights and last 1 hour and 30 minutes each night.
  • Players are expected to come to all sessions and to arrive early.

Checklist for parents and players
: fee to be paid prior to tryout and paperwork to be turned in at tryout check-in:

  1. Registration fee paid PRIOR to tryout. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. 
    • CURRENT GUSA Players - Please use the SAME ACCOUNT you setup last year!  Please DO NOT set up a new GUSA account!  Only players new to GUSA need to setup an account.
  2. NCYSA Medical Waiver – leave association name and jersey number blank.
  3. 1.5 x 1.5 color headshot picture of player for player card – similar to driver license size. Must be printed on photo paper, taken within the last six months, no hats/sunglasses. A small school photo works very well.  Please print player's name on the back of the photo.
  4. Photocopy of birth certificate (only for players not affiliated with GUSA in 2014-2015 season)
  5. Dues assistance form (if applicable)      

ALL PLAYERS are required to bring the following to both tryout sessions:
A properly inflated soccer ball, shin guards and soccer boots, water.

Levels of Play

Classic:  In North Carolina, Classic is the highest level of play in travel soccer.  Classic is divided up into three divisions.  Premier if the highest level of play, followed by Classic One and Classic two at the U14 and older age groups.  At U11-U12 there are two levels of play.  Open is the highest level, followed by Classic Two.  At U13 in the fall season there is Open followed by Classic Two.  In the spring there is Open Elite, followed by Open and then Classic Two.  Travel for classic teams can range from relatively local to state wide.  GUSA Classic teams have paid professional coaches and practice 2-3 times per week depending on the level of play.

  In the fall of 2014 North Carolina Youth Soccer introduced a new level of play called “Select”.  This level of play fits just below Classic Two in the Classic structure.  GUSA teams playing in the Select division will have paid professional coaches and will practice 2 times per week with a third optional “pool” type training session for 6-8 weeks each season at the U11 and U12 age groups.  Travel for Select level teams will primarily be in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. 

Below the Select level of play is Challenge.  GUSA Challenge teams play in the Triad Challenge League against other teams from the Triad area.  Challenge teams have paid coaches and volunteer assistant coaches.  Challenge teams have two training sessions per week. 

Junior Academy and Pre Academy: 
Junior Academy is a program for U8-U10 Boys and Girls.  Junior Academy players do not have a tryout, they have evaluations.  Players wishing to join the Junior or Pre Academy are evaluated by our staff and coaches.  Junior Academy is a yearlong program that focuses on individual skill development.  Junior Academy players train 2-3 times per week.  Travel is generally limited to the Triad area, with the exception of one tournament per season.  Pre Academy players are able to play on a recreation team while receiving additional training and games with the Junior Academy Staff Coaches. 

Post Tryout Process

Coaches will contact each player after the last day of tryouts.
If your child is offered a position on a Select team, you will be required to “Accept Your Position” online and pay the $125 Acceptance Fee within 24 hours. During the acceptance process, you will choose your payment plan for the season. You will have the choice of paying in full or setting up a recurring billing plan with a credit card or debit card. Club information meetings and team meetings will be scheduled. At these meetings, you will meet your coach and receive important information for the season. Team camp will be the first week of August. More info after tryouts.


Greensboro United prides itself on having some of the lowest fees in the state. At GUSA, there are two sets of fees for which you are responsible. Please do not confuse the two. Non-payment of either set of fees can result in a player being removed from the team.

Club Dues: Each player is responsible for paying club dues, which cover GUSA’s overhead, including salaries, facility rentals, insurance, the fees the club pays NCYSA, etc. Whichever method of payment you chose during the acceptance process will be the method of payment you use in the recurring billing process.

Team Fees: Team fees are specific to each team. Teams are responsible for paying referee fee, tournament entry fees, and travel expenses for their coach. A budget will be developed by your team manager and/or treasurer, setting the amount each family is to pay. Team fees are paid directly to your team manager or treasurer.

Dues Assistance

Greensboro United is one of the leading providers of Dues Assistance to youth soccer players in the state of North Carolina. We would like to be able to provide financial assistance to all those who do not have the ability to pay. However, we have limited funds and they will be awarded to those who qualify on a first come, first served basis. It is very important to have all the Dues Assistance paperwork TURNED IN AT TRYOUTS. Two things to remember

If you do not turn in the paperwork, you will not receive Dues Assistance.
Turning in the paperwork does not guarantee you will receive Dues Assistance

Please read the full policy by clicking here

2015/2016 Coaching Slate:

Please note: This list is based on a best-guess scenario. The number of teams actually formed and the level at which they play will be decided by the directors of coaching after considering the number and quality of players at tryouts.

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